EWi PRO has developed a full product range focussed on improving EWI detailing to help protect and enhance our UK Housing Stock.

Our bespoke design service provides professional whole house solutions to EWI detailing and specifically targets the following areas:

  • Eradicating Water Ingress
  • Addressing Cold Bridging
  • Improving Thermal Performance
  • Future Proofing Ongoing Maintenance
  • And, Enhancing Visual Appearance

One groundbreaking product we have developed is the EWi PRO Gutter, a complete modular system that is designed to provide a completely weather tight finish for EWI installations. It can be used for most domestic situations where lack of roof overhang presents difficulties, no matter whether the property is terrace, semi or detached or when it was built.

The application of external wall insulation (EWI) to existing buildings presents a huge energy saving opportunity. It also presents detailing challenges for the installer, particularly at the eaves and verge in instances where there is insufficient overhang to cover the depth of the new wall insulation.

Current industry practise relies on the use of basic trims to deal with the interfaces between wall and roof. These trims are normally fitted below the existing gutter and facia boards. Corners junctions between eaves and verge are normally made up on site with varying degrees of success and critical junctions often rely on mastic sealants as the primary line of defence against water ingress. The resulting arrangements are often of questionable quality from visual, weathering and cold bridging viewpoints. The weathering risks and potential for failure are not hard to foresee even on projects where the installers have been as careful as possible.

Instead of fitting below the old gutter, EWi PRO Gutter replaces it altogether. This makes the whole arrangement much simpler visually and technically. There is no longer a facia board that may rot over time. Neither is there the normal trim/silicone/wall junction where water may eventually find a path to the back of the insulation.

Instead of the current messy detail, EWi PRO Gutter joins the rood to insulation in a simple, robust and weather tight manner. A similar tray section can be applied to verges and does a similar job. The two have been designed so that they join neatly at the corner. The clean lines and neat finish of the system are its second great advantage.

The third advantage is less obvious but at least as important. It concerns cold bridging. Existing practise stops the insulation before the top of the wall, leaving a cold strip 150-200mm wide continuously at this location. As well as increasing heat loss, this approach also greatly increases the potential for condensation on the inside face of the wall and therefore mould growth. EWi PRO Gutter greatly reduces the heat loss at this junction, thereby increasing the surface temperature of the inside face of the wall and consequently reducing the risk of condensation and attendant mould.

All in all EWi PRO have a solution that enhances the robustness of EWI and greatly improves the internal environmental conditions as well and the visual impression on the outside.