Normanton, Derby, Derbyshire

Pilot installation of EWi PRO verge system and bespoke hopper detail


Project Brief…


Derby Homes, based in Derbyshire, have recently committed to trialling the EWi PRO verge system, as well as a bespoke hopper detail through a pilot install on a ‘hard to treat’ property in Normanton, Derby.

These properties are of solid wall construction and difficult to treat with EWI, because the design of the semi-detached properties has a double gable to the front facade with a drainage issue of the valley gutter. This problem is compounded more when only one of the semi-detached properties receives EWI. Derby Homes had traditionally used the standard verge trim and found that they suffered with weather proofing issues, staining which could potentially cause damp to these properties in future years.

Up until we introduced Derby Homes to the EWi PRO verge system the only other alternative available to them was to extend the roofs, with this came a big increase in cost to apply EWI. EWi PRO provided a site survey of this house type to come up with a solution. The solution development included designing a bespoke hopper part that helped to take the water from the valley gutter.

Derby Homes have approx. 200 homes of this type in their stock and are now comfortable that they have found a solution that addresses the problems of the past. Through the EWi PRO verge solution they have future proofed the EWI system and eradicated any further maintenance issues moving forward.

"To me, it looks much better – and is certainly more robust than trim’s I have seen before. Whilst also offering, what I would describe as, much improved weather protection – therefore in my mind helping to prolong the life expectancy of the wall insulation." ~ Mr Edward Weston - Derby Homes Ltd - Senior Maintenance Surveyor