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What do EWI Pro use to manufacture their products and systems?
Predominantly, all of our products are manufactured from extruded Aluminum, conforming to current British standards. We also offer a 15-year marine grade warranty (subject to our T&C’s) in all standard RAL colours to our client’s preferences.
How much does the EWI Pro Gutter and Verge System typically save a client compared to extending the roofline and replacing the rainwater goods?
Typically, our system saves anywhere in the region of 25%-40% compared to extending the roofline and replacing the rainwater goods, prior to the installation of EWI. Our system has the added advantage of the existing roof covering not being disturbed during installation, as well as providing suitable ventilation in the loft space and extending the existing roof felt’s longevity.

Due to the roof covering not needing to be stripped and extending to accommodate the EWI, the installation of our system is a lot quicker to install and on a site of multiple installation productivity can be greatly improved.

Does the EWI Pro Gutter and Verge system provide comprehensive weather proofing at the eaves level compared to the current industry standards?
Yes, our system has been designed to eradicate the risk of water ingress from wind-blown rain, as well as addressing the current accepted cold bridge issues at the eaves level also.
Does the EWI Pro Gutter and Verge system improve the thermal characteristics at the eaves junction, compared to the industry standard accepted verge trim detail?
Typically, on old solid wall properties, the ceiling height of the bedroom is very close to the eaves junction and this has always caused a potential condensation risk area along the top of the internal wall. Our system replaces all existing products and is fitted as high as possible up against the existing roofline. This means that the internal surfaces of the wall are kept at a higher temperature reducing the risk of condensation and consequential mould growth.
Is the EWI Pro Gutter and Verge system easy to install?
The system is no more difficult to fit than traditional Aluminium rainwater gutter systems. We have a framework of approved installers to install the system to our required standards; however, a skilled site operative would have no great difficulty installing the system.

We offer ongoing site support to our installers, as well as regular tool box talks and CPD updates when required.

What if I have an unusual style of property, or rear/side extension that needs a special requirement or an awkward detail designed?
Although the system comprises of a range of standard parts, special requirements can be addressed with bespoke parts which the EWI Pro design team will be able to work closely with you to design a solution to satisfy your requirements and expectations.
My property has an existing soffit that overhangs the eaves. Can I use the EWI Pro Verge part of the system separately?
Yes. The system is designed to be as flexible as possible allowing any part of it to be used independently.
What other products/solutions do EWI Pro have available to the EWI market?
As a company we are constantly looking to satisfy client needs through our product development department, we can supply the following design details:

  • EWI PRO Gutter/Pipe System
  • EWI PRO Verge System
  • EWI PRO Window Sills
  • EWI PRO Meter Box Covers (Gas/Electric)
  • EWI PRO Gas Pipe Covers
  • EWI PRO Window Pods and Liners

I have an issue on a property that has EWI already installed, am I still able to use EWI Pro products as a solution to eradicate my issue?
Yes, EWI Pro Products can be used as a retrofit solution. Please call to discuss further the solutions we have available.
Should I require an installation service are EWI Pro able to assist?
EWI Pro products are also available, for peace of mind, through a network of approved installers. Please contact us with further information about your requirements and we will provide details of our approved contractors.