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As part of the Low Carbon Built Environment (LCBE) project we gave EWI Pro a challenging task of seamlessly integrating external wall insulation with a photo-voltaic array. The end results are fantastic and the attention detail that has gone into integrating the EWI Pro gutter system with the Roof-Integrated Photo-voltaic System is remarkable.

As well as the innovative interface between the photo-voltaic and gutter systems, I am also very happy with the design of the window sills which really improve the look of the finished property.

Overall it has been a joy to work with a company that is so passionate about getting the detail right, both from an aesthetic point of view and in relation to energy performance.

— Dr Richard Hall, Low Carbon Built Environment, Technical Engineer

After being introduced to the Gutter and Verge System, I was taken aback by the innovative approach EWI Pro had taken to a longstanding concern within our EWI industry.

As well as tackling key cold bridging and water ingress concerns at junctions, the design is also very aesthetically pleasing. Our clients overcome their roof line and edge problems, along with the opportunity to replace the existing guttering, in one operation.

— Mr Tony Sheehan, Joyner P.A. (Cymru) Limited, Managing Director

Since being introduced to the EWI Pro concept and subsequently their products, I have been extremely impressed by the way that their designs address the issue of the very poorly installed “until now adopted industry standard” of using a top capping verge trim and the increasingly prevalent use of silicone sealant as a “fix all / solves all” answer to protecting External wall insulation systems from the effects of water ingress.

From an insulation system efficiency point of view, I feel the technical performance of their products provide an extremely effective method of minimising the cold bridging issues usually associated with External wall insulation and the use of the usual off the shelf products that are currently considered by both installers and system suppliers as the norm.

In addition to their innovative products, the EWI Pro team are extremely professional and knowledgeable, with a full understanding of the industry (and the complexities that can occur as a result of applying External Wall Insulation to a property) that is second to none.

— Mr Andrew Johns, Warm Wales – Cymru Gynnes, Senior Technical Projects Manager

NPT Homes has been pleased to be able to use the EWI Pro system on a number of our properties. It has provided a far more robust and secure method of protecting the EWi system at these points and it will contribute significantly to the longevity of the system.

— Mr Christopher Price, NPT Homes Ltd, Planned & Contract Works Manager

The EWI Pro gutter/verge system for retrofitting external wall insulation is deceptively simple. It is one of those products that seems obvious once you have seen it and makes one wonder why nobody has come up with it before!  As well as dealing with risks such as weather penetration and cold bridging at critical junctions, it looks great and finishes the insulation installation very neatly. To deliver high quality EWI schemes at scale we need some game changers – and this system could be one of them.

– Mr David Pierpoint, Centre of Refurbishment Excellence, Chief Executive

To me, it looks much better – and is certainly more robust than trim’s I have seen before. Whilst also offering, what I would describe as, much improved weather protection – therefore in my mind helping to prolong the life expectancy of the wall insulation.

– Mr Edward Weston, Derby Homes Ltd, Senior Maintenance Surveyor

Remarkably for a prototype system the installation of the original system went very well. The building team fitted it within a day. The system has now been in place for 3 years and still looks and works as well as on day 1.

– Mr Robert Prewett, Prewett Bizley architects, Director

After first being shown the innovative design produced by EWI Pro I was impressed to see how they are tackling an industry wide issue where a standard verge trim has been used. I see this as the perfect solution for what has been the weakest part of any EWI design, tackling head on the issues with water ingress, cold bridging and the general aesthetics of the finished product.

I also see this as the perfect alternative to a roof extension which can be very expensive and timely process. I was most impressed with the design and quality of the product and how EWI Pro have incorporated a gutter into the overall design. Our installation teams found the product very easy to install and commented on the overall quality and design of the components that make up the EWI Pro system.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this system to be used when working on any EWI Project in the future.

– Mr Mark Thomas, A&M Energy Solutions, SWI Project Manager